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COVID-19 Latest Update

Published: 31/03/2020

YPS would like to reassure all our customers that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, whilst taking the necessary steps to protect our staff and customers by adhering to guidance issued by HM Government and Public Health England (PHE).

We can confirm that we have already undertaken a number of precautionary steps to protect our employees and customers. These measures include:

  • Informing all staff of the necessary hygiene measures for standard infection control.

  • Providing hand sanitiser across our facility, as well as in communal areas e.g. kitchens and wash rooms.
  • Asking staff to self-isolate for the necessary period, and not report to work until safe to do so.
  • We have asked our suppliers for their Company statements and to be kept up to date with any changes or potential delays. At present none are anticipated.
  • We have ensured we have sufficient goods manufactured, and raw materials stocked, in order to maintain continuity and keep our customers supplied.

We understand that the current situation is a changeable one. It is possible that our operations could be impacted in the future by further constraints related to the pandemic. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you updated of any change. If you have any pending orders, then please finalise the details with us as soon as possible so that production capacity and raw material can be allocated.



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