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Philips XL 30 SFEG SEM Scanning Electron Microscope


Philips XL30 SFEG SEM is a field emission SEM which is fully automatic gun configuration. The magnification is up to 800,000X with 2nm resolution. It is easy to use for examining and survey the morphology of the nano devices. 

1.5nm at 10 kV or higher
2.5nm at 1kV


  • Schottky-based thermionic field emission electron gun
  • Fully automatic gun configuration control
  • Continuously variable beam acceleration voltage range
  • Beam current range 1pA~25nA

Specimen Stage:

  • Eucentric goniometer:4-axis (X, Y, Z and R ) motorized stage with full manual override
  • Tilt range: - 15 ~ 60 degree
  • Drawer type entry for specimen exchange
  • Specimen chamber diameter 284 mm


  • Automatic vacuum interlock
  • One diffusion pump (lower chamber), two ion getter pumps (gun chamber)
  • Gun chamber: 2x10-7 Pa
  • Specimen chamber: 2x10-5 Pa
  • Vacuum regained: < 5 minutes

Scanning System:

  • Survey mode, scan mode, and scan rotations
  • Magnification rage: 20-80,0000X

Analytical Capability:

  • Secondary electron (SE) detector
  • Back-scattered electron (BSE) detector

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