Field Emitters

YPS Schottky thermal field emission (TFE) ZrO/W(100) sources are versatile, fitting various electron beam instruments such as SEM, TEM, Auger, and CD-SEM. These high-quality FE sources serve as a cost-effective alternative to traditional FEI and Denka-style sources. The YPS source employs a thermal field emitter (TFE) cathode with zirconium oxide on a <100> oriented single crystal tungsten wire, featuring a highly precise tip mounted on a hairpin filament to maintain a temperature of around 1800K. Electrons are emitted through thermal excitation and an electrical field generated by the potential difference between the tip and an extractor electrode, facilitated by its placement within a cylindrical suppressor electrode.


Standard ZrO/W(100) emitter housed in YPS-174 suppressor


Standard ZrO/W(100) emitter housed in YPS-184 suppressor

YPS M20 Field Emitter


Pre-aligned assembly comprising suppressor and extractor


FEI-20123 module refurbishment service on exchange


DENKA-AMAT02 module refurbishment service on exchange

Cold Field Emitters (CFE)

Rebuild service for Hitachi and JEOL. New YPS CFEs also available