Research & Development

scanning electron microscope research and development

Partnering with YPS

YPS recognise that partnership and collaboration with other organisations are essential to success.

With an experienced and dedicated technical development team, we welcome opportunities for collaboration in all phases and areas of scientific and technical development including:

  • Undertake scientific research to aid R&D
  • Proof of concept formulation
  • Development of system prototypes
  • Analytical and experimental testing
  • Prototype demonstration in operational environment

YPS’s R&D efforts are focused on identifying and developing innovative solutions to meet client requirements. Research projects can be outsourced to YPS or can be collaborative in nature. We have participated in R&D projects with an extensive range of industrial and academic partners, leading to new product developments. Our team not only generate many new ideas, but can also enhance existing ones.

Our experience includes the design of electrostatic optical systems, lenses, energy analysers, thermionic and field emission electron sources and columns. Our know-how is complemented with experience in the design of ultrahigh vacuum systems, as well as underlying electronics and software for control of systems, data acquisition and data processing.

YPS has developed a high energy-resolution electron energy analyser dedicated for the measurement of the energy distribution of field emitted electrons. The instrument is used for measuring the energy distribution of cold field emitters (CFE) as well as thermally assisted (TFE) under various operating conditions. This service has been extended for the measurement of the energy spread of micro-fabricated field emitters.