FEI Emitter Exchange

FEI FEG Module – Emitter Replacement Service for FEI FE-SEMs

Across the FEI range of FE-SEM models e.g. XL30 FEG/SFEG, SIRION, Quanta FEG, DualBeam, Nova NanoSEM etc) two electron gun types (FEI) are commonly used:

  • FEG Module, Re-tip (P/N: 5322 695 16084, 23900)
  • Sirion SFEG Module, Re-tip (P/N: 97236)

We stock and refurbish both types (exchange basis). The FEI emitter replacement process comprises of the following key steps:

  1. Removal of old emitter and physical inspection of exchange FEG module.
  2. Used emitter replaced with a newly fabricated Thermal Field Emitter (TFE) by YPS.
  3. Optical alignment of TFE using specialist jigs and testing equipment.
  4. Technical datasheet detailing key characteristics for TFE supplied (collected by operating the FEG on test system).
  5. 6” Copper Seal and Technical datasheet provided with each FEG.
  6. Wooden crates and metal transportation containers are available on request.

This service is aimed at customers who know how to exchange FEG modules, observing standards of UHV cleanliness and high voltage operation.

YPS Schottky TFE Key Features

  • High brightness.
  • Excellent stability over a wide range of acceleration voltages.
  • Long operating times.
  • Long life.
  • Competitively priced.
  • 12 month warranty.


A metal shipping container is used to transport the FEG or SIRION SFEG module under nitrogen (N2) atmosphere.

Service Options

YPS are able to ship according to customer needs and offer FastTrack and Standard delivery options. Contact YPS for more information.

FEI TFA FEG Module – Emitter Replacement Service for FEI FE-TEMs

YPS refurbish TFE FEG Modules used in FEI FE-TEMs e.g. Tecnai F30, CM200 etc.

The modules are shipped in transportation containers and supplied with a technical datasheet.

This service is offered on an exchange unit basis.