E-Beam Power Supply

YPS design, build and configure a range of high voltage e-beam power supply units (PSUs) to function with Field Emission (FE) based systems. The 30kV PSU is offered by YPS as a standard product. Please contact us to discuss requirements for 50kV and 100kV PSUs. PSUs are designed to endure high stability and ultra-low ripple, ensuring consistent operation. A PC-based interface connected via a fibre optic link provides remote control and high-speed monitoring for full integration into an FE-based system. The 16-bit DAC and ADC in the modules enable high resolution for control and monitoring.


  • Remote high voltage supply for beam energy
  • Supplies for FE tip heating and extraction field
  • Supply for suppression of thermionic emission
  • Supply for focus control
  • Fibre optic link to Field Emission Assistant
  • Specially designed 40kV rated cable with discharge management
  • Cable and vacuum interlocks
  • Modularised for functions in field emission systems

30kV High Voltage E-Beam Power Supply

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage115V or 240V AC switchable
Size4U for 19″ rack
Control InterfaceOptical serial communication
30 Hz Individual and 5 Hz complete control rate
InterlocksCable and vacuum
OutputEHTFilament SuppressorExtractorLens
Max Output30,000 V
20 µA
2.75 A-350 V
7,500 V
5,100 V
Ripple100 mV pp @ 30,000 V1.5 mA pp @ 2.5 A 5 mV pp @ 300 V100 mV pp @ 7,000 V 30 mV pp @ 5,000 V
Stability0.01% per hour @ 5,000 V0.01% per hour @ 2.75 A0.005% per hour @ 350 V0.005 % per hour @ 7,500 V0.01% per hour @ 5,000 V