Field Emission Guns

YPS offers a range of High Voltage Field Emission Guns (FEG) including 30kV (HV30), 50kV (HV50) and 100kV (HV100) models. They comprise a series of one and two lens electron columns and associated electronics that provide a complete high resolution imaging solution for UHV environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Operational between 0.2-30kV (HV30), 0.2-50kV (HV50) or 20-100kV (HV100).
  • Ultra high vacuum (UHV) compatible.
  • Operating pressure: < 2 × 10⁻⁹ mbar.


  • Scanning electron microscopes (SEM) as the FEG module.
  • Electron beam lithography.
  • TEM applications (HV100).
  • Auger electron spectroscopy.
  • Other UHV based electron optical applications.
  • Can be configured for time resolved applications via laser injections.

The HV30 is an einzel type lens which uses the M20 mini-module cathode. It is capable of delivering a focused electron beam that can be subsequently focused by magnetic or electrostatic columns to suit a given application.


  • Cathode exchangeable without disturbing the pre-alignment, a novel property and feature unique to YPS’s design.
  • Pre-aligned einzel lens featuring extractor focusing electrode and ground electrode.
  • High precision, electrostatic designed FEG incorporating five electrodes: (i) Suppressor, (ii) Cathode, (iii) Extractor, (iv) Lens and (v) Anode.
  • Designed to operate with YPS-M20 Thermal Field Emitter “TFE”.
  • Electron beam can be focused to a given working distance from the ground electrode.
  • All FEGs can be offered in a sealed gun chamber (Sealed System).

Please contact us for further details and specific data.