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Transform your Tungsten or LaB6 instrument into Thermal Field Emission

C>MORE FEG Upgrade

The C>MORE conversion can be applied to various type of SEMs i.e. Tungsten, LaB6 and now Schottky Thermal Field Emission (please contact us to discuss specific benefits of C>MORE upgrade for SFEG type). A pre-assessment of the system to ensure good working condition of key aspects of the SEM is required.

Based on YPS’s “pre-aligned” emitter module, replacement emitters are pre-aligned in our factory and a competent engineer can exchange the emitter without specialist expertise. All emitters are guaranteed for one year of normal operation.

For pricing enquiries, please contact us.

SEM performance with Thermal Field Emission (TFE) capabilities is greatly improved. As a result a Schottky field emission source provides improved resolution with higher beam current, ability to image at low beam energy and longer source lifetime (typically 8,000hrs).

The C>MORE upgrade package is low on maintenance and big on impact. Schottky field emitters have a longer lifespan than Tungsten (W) based cathodes and can last in excess of 8000 hours. With the C>MORE upgrade Schottky emitter exchange are straight-forward and simple.

The C>MORE upgrade is a cost-effective solution, delivering high nano-analytical performance without the expense of a new instrument. The upgrade can be installed on-site with the support of a competent and experienced engineer and can also be provided by YPS.

Technical FeaturesCustomer Benefits
Schottky field emission sourceImproved resolution compared to Tungsten / LaB6 type cathodes
A wide range of electron Beam Current. From 10pA up to 100 nA (>100nA can be delivered on request)Suitable for high resolution SE imaging and high beam current for WDS/EDS (with selected aperture at order)
Non-Destructive Imaging @ Low Voltage 1kV.Suitable for radiation sensitive samples
TFE “Schottky” Source controlled from PCSoftware control of Schottky source is independent of SEM system
Reduced Downtime and Cost of OwnershipLonger Source Lifetime (over Tungsten (W) and LaB6 . Trouble-free Tip exchange with Pre-Aligned YPS Schottky Field Emission Source
Excellent differential pumpingSmall ion pump gives low vibration
External and internal magnetic shieldingCrisp imaging with no external interference
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SEM & TEM FEG Upgrades

YPS upgrade legacy instruments from W or Lab6  to Thermal Field Emission (aka Schottky). Please contact us for more details on our TEM upgrades. 

We also build prototype FEG systems for a variety of applications.

We undertake bespoke instrument developments to allow for open source control of the field emission gun, power supply along with software and electronics.  

YPS are also able to upgrade thermal emission systems to field “Schottky” and cold field emission electron systems (e.g. VG Microlab). This represents cost-effective strategy, where budgets are restricted and continued use and performance improvement is sought. Please contact us for more information.

PHI 600/660 Conversion Kit

A Schottky Field Emission source upgrade is available for customers with a Lab6 PHI 600 or 660 Scanning Auger instrument. The conversion from a LaB6 source to a Schottky Field Emission (FEG) source improves resolution, gives higher beam current and a longer lifetime (typically 8,000hrs based on average tests). The conversion is designed to make it easy for the customer to upgrade the system at their site with the minimum of interruption.

The package comprises vacuum hardware, power supplies and electronics to provide a seamless upgrade route to allow for the full benefits of Schottky field emission. Systems are available now for a number of electron optical probes and SEMs. These include PHI 595, PHI 600 and PHI 660 and the VG Scientific MICROLAB Auger instruments. Other electron optical probes and SEMs can also be converted. 

PHI 600-660 conversion kit

The full benefits of field emission for Auger micro-analysis are available to users of a PHI 595, PHI 600 and PHI 660 by upgrading with YPS’s YPS3/P595 or YPS3/P660 packages. The conversion for the PHI 600 is identical whilst the PHI 595 differs owing to the horizontal orientation of the instrument.

The system performance with field emission is broadly equivalent to the column performance of the Broadly equivalent to Phi 680 at 10keV in terms of current in a given spot size. As a result, users of installed and mature PHI Auger instruments can benefit from a very high micro-analytical performance without the expense of a new instrument.

Technical FeaturesCustomer benefits
Schottky field emission source‘State of the art’ imaging equivalent to the PHI 680
Uses existing PHI objective lens opticsPHI scan and beam steering electronics and data system remain unchanged
More than 100 nA probe currentSuitable for depth profiling
Field Emission AssistantSeamless integration with PHI or RBD data-systems
Excellent differential pumpingSmall ion pump gives low vibration
External and internal magnetic shieldingCrisp imaging with no external interference