York Probe Sources - Thermal Field Emission

Thermal Field Emission

Field emitters, field emission guns, and high voltage power supplies.


YPS 174

Field Emitters

YPS Schottky FE sources for use in many brands of focused electron beam systems.


FEI Emitter Exchange

Replace your FEI FEG emitter

Field Emission Guns

For use in SEM, e-beam lithography, Auger electron spectroscopy and other UHV based electron optical applications.

E-Beam power supply

E-Beam Power Supplies

High voltage PSUs for field emission based systems



Custom designed feedthroughs able to withstand the voltage requirements of the FEG

Sealed System

Sealed System

FEG shipped in UHV sealed vacuum chamber during transportation for easy installation and minimal downtime.

See what’s really there…

Convert your Tungsten (W) or LaB6 SEM into a Schottky Thermal Field Emission SEM with the C>MORE Upgrade Kit


scanning electron microscope research

Research & Development

With an experienced and dedicated technical development team, we welcome opportunities for collaboration in all phases and areas of scientific and technical development



YPS undertakes the design, construction and testing of special designs of field emission columns, electron lenses and electron energy analysers.

field emission manufacture


YPS subcontracts manufacture and assembly of components for leading microscope manufacturers. We also undertake the design, construction and testing of field emission sources and columns, electron lenses, chambers and electron energy analysers.

field emission gun refurbishment


YPS refurbish thermal field “Schottky” and cold field emission electron guns and source parts for electron optical instruments. This is especially useful, where budgets are restricted and continued use and performance improvement is sought.