Philips XL30 SFEG SEM Scanning Electron Microscope

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Philips XL30 SFEG SEM is a field emission scanning electron microscope which is a fully automatic gun configuration. The magnification is up to 800,000X with 2nm resolution. It is easy to use for examining and survey the morphology of the nano devices. 


  • 1.5nm at 10 kV or higher
  • 2.5nm at 1kV


  • Schottky-based thermionic field emission electron gun
  • Fully automatic gun configuration control
  • Continuously variable beam acceleration voltage range
  • Beam current range 1pA~25nA

Specimen Stage:

  • Eucentric goniometer:4-axis (X, Y, Z and R ) motorized stage with full manual override
  • Tilt range: – 15 ~ 60 degree
  • Drawer type entry for specimen exchange
  • Specimen chamber diameter 284 mm


  • Automatic vacuum interlock
  • One diffusion pump (lower chamber), two ion getter pumps (gun chamber)
  • Gun chamber: 2×10-7 Pa
  • Specimen chamber: 2×10-5 Pa
  • Vacuum regained: < 5 minutes

Scanning System:

  • Survey mode, scan mode, and scan rotations
  • Magnification rage: 20-80,0000X

Analytical Capability:

  • Secondary electron (SE) detector
  • Back-scattered electron (BSE) detector